Concerning Medicaid Expansion



There has been much controversy over the past few months
about Virginia’s #Medicaid expansion budget… and rightly so!

When discussing this we need to be educated on what terminology
is used for its defense by corrupted politicians.

Case in point: Planned Parenthood funding.

On the official national Planned Parenthood website it reads:

“Approximately one in five women of reproductive age rely on Medicaid to access no-cost, critical reproductive health care such as birth control … the largest payer of reproductive health care coverage, paying for 75 percent of all public funds spent on family planning services.” (source)

Note the use of the terms “birth control” and “family planning services.”

These terms are NOT talking about late-term surgical abortions of the Gosnell variety that you hear about on Fox News. But these ARE terms used to define first trimester chemical abortions that murder preborn children via things like the infamous ‘Plan B pill’, RU-486, or the various other FDA-approved drugs or devices. (source)

When politicians tell you “Medicaid expansion does not fund abortions,” they are shifting the discussion by talking about surgical abortions not chemical ones. By using this defense these corrupted politicians are treating early term abortions as something less serious,
less grievance than late-term ones. They attempt to shift the topic from one of morals

to one of economics and dehumanize preborn children even more in the process.

Don’t let them fool you.

All abortions are morally reprehensible before God.

All abortions are murder according to God’s standard,
and all abortions ought to be treated as such.

#AbolishAbortion #AAVA