Concerning a Moral Contradiction in the Code of Virginia

Concerning a moral contradiction in the


The Code of Virginia currently bans the premediated, deliberate and malicious killing
of a fetus under the “Crimes Against the Person” chapter,
punishable by either a Class 2 or Class 4 felony (§ 18.2-32.2, § 18.2-71).

However, the Code of Virginia also *allows* for the premediated, deliberately malicious killing of a fetus under the “Crimes Against the Person” chapter if the murderer is a “physician licensed by the Board of Medicine to practice medicine and surgery”
(e.g. § 18.2-72).

In a word, the Code of Virginia states “Thou Shalt Not Murder… unless certain requirements are met.” This is a contradiction within the law; it is immorality codified as law and flies in the face of the purpose of law, which is to establish a system of justice for all persons.

We call for the repeal of Title 18.2 Chapter 4 Article 9 of the Virginia Code and for abortion, the intentional killing of a preborn human being by either surgical or chemical means, to be officially labeled as a Class 1 felony according to the definitions already found under § 18.2-31 of the Virginia Code. This is legal under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Virginia.